20 Reasons to Pursue a Creative Career


This is a guest post by Lisa of THE LC STUDIO. She is an aspiring graphic designer that likes to spread the word about the creative industry and what it takes to succeed.

The stigma of the starving artist runs rampant still today, although the phrase may be rooted in a time as early as the EUROPEAN ROMANTIC ERA. People are often ostracized for pursuing their creative passion in lieu of a more traditional career.

Lucky for the artsy at heart, the surge of the technological industry in recent years encouraged a metamorphosis of creative jobs – social media marketing, graphic design and blogging, just to name a few. Today, those with an eye for color or a way with words can find their niche in the white-collar world. Bill Gates even said “I THINK IT’S FAIR TO SAY THAT PERSONAL COMPUTERS HAVE BECOME THE MOST EMPOWERING TOOL WE’VE EVER CREATED. THEY’RE TOOLS OF COMMUNICATION, THEY’RE TOOLS OF CREATIVITY, AND THEY CAN BE SHAPED BY THEIR USER.” That may be one small step for the modern Monet, but it’s one giant leap for the population of creative people seeking professional success.

Still doubting whether or not to follow your dream? Check out this list of 20 reasons why you should pursue a creative career:

  1. You may live a LONGER AND HEALTHIER LIFE.
  2. If you do fall ill, YOU MAY HEAL YOURSELF QUICKER.
  3. You improve your language, reading and vocabulary skills.
  4. You improve your concentration.
  5. You also may be able to DELAY THE AGING PROCESS.
  6. You build cooperation and team-building skills.
  7. You learn to save money with DIY projects, from birthday cards and knit blankets to Halloween costumes and home décor.
  8. You interact with coworkers in group brainstorming sessions, but will likely also be allowed plenty of individual time.
  9. You improve your communication skills, which leads to better relationships.
  10. You’ll be surrounded by PEOPLE WHO SHARE YOUR MINDSET.
  11. Your position likely won’t be threatened by the technological revolution (unless someone teaches robots how to rhyme).
  13. You regularly come up with new and exciting ideas.
  14. You exercise your emotional intelligence, which helps you deal with your feelings better.
  15. You always have an outlet to express yourself.
  16. Creative people often become VERY SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS.
  17. You become aware of different trends, customs, ideas and cultures.
  18. You IMPROVE YOUR SELF CONFIDENCE and perform better in front of others.
  19. You learn to how approach problems from different angles.
  20. You help write, draw, compose and design the future. What’s more honorable than that?

The 21st century has cultivated the breeding grounds for creative success. We’re living in an age in which the average Joe or Jane can abandon the “straight and narrow” for the path less traveled – YouTube stardom, Etsy shops, cover artistry and more. If you’ve been questioning whether to take that first step, consider this your sign.

Go forth, my child, and create.