Top Ten Productivity Apps for 2015


This is a guest post by Susannah of FEAST + WEST. Susannah writes about design, travel and food, and is going to help us ring in the new year a little more productively.

One of my big goals for 2015 is to get organized to help me accomplish some big goals. As a graphic designer, blogger and a user/consumer, I love using apps on my phone and computer to keep me on track. There are 10 apps I use already that I’d like to utilize better and more this year.


I needed a great to-do list app that lets me check off items throughout the day. I am a staunch advocate for ToDoist, which makes it easy to color code, categorize and prioritize my freelance projects and personal to-dos all in one place.


Though I like ToDoist for productivity lists, I save my grocery list for Anylist. It categorizes your list by section of the store, making it easy to shop for things. It also lets you share your list so you can send someone else to the store with a list.


All my blog post ideas go into my Evernote. Anything I want to remember hangs out in my stash, and I can easily search my arsenal for things I’ve saved. It’s great to use on the go, and the notes are synced to my computer when I get back to the office.


Reading more is a big goal for 2015, but I have often found I don’t have the time to read. Whenever I see a cool article online I want to read, I save it to my Pocket to read later. Pocket creates a library of everything you want to read and archives them once you’re done.


I recently joined a team that uses Slack to communicate, and I’m in love. Slack lets you create an online community for messages and documents. It’s easily searchable so you can go back and catch up on information.


Tracking packages is difficult, especially when I want to manage items I’ve ordered for myself versus items I send for my business. I store all my tracking numbers in Deliveries so I can easily keep an eye on their progress.


Whenever I need to focus on a project, I love using the Pomodoro technique. You’ll set a 25 minute timer for your task, and then take a 5 minute break. I use THIS POMODORO TIMER APP on my phone and it lets me know when to move on to the next task.


Ever wish you could send an email later? I use Boomerang to send emails to clients so it doesn’t look like I am emailing them at 2 a.m. It also will “boomerang” emails back to you, putting them at the top of your inbox to remind you to answer them later.


My mornings don’t happen without coffee. I usually drink it in the afternoon, too, but I can’t have it too late in the day. UP Coffee lets me track my caffeine intake so I’m aware of how it affects my work and my sleep patterns.


This is probably the strangest of all, but I just really like to track things. With Reporter, you can track things like who you’re with and what mood you’re in and the app uses your data to create beautiful infographics about your life.

Susannah is a freelance graphic designer in Charlotte, N.C. and the editor of FEAST + WEST, a blog about food, design and travel. Keep in touch on FACEBOOKINSTAGRAMPINTEREST and TWITTER.