The House: Plans for the Studio


A few days ago, I introduced you to what is (no surprise) probably my favorite space IN THE HOUSE: my studio.

The studio is an obvious add-on, or possibly an enclosed porch of some sort. It’s very large, as big as our entire living room. The floors are painted concrete, the walls are wood panel. There are two built-in bookshelves, eight doors to a long built-in cabinet, and a window seat. Four windows, an exterior door to the garden, and a door-less entryway to the living room. From the living room, there is a step-down to a platform and a step down to the rest of the studio. There is one single, sad light in the center of the ceiling… which is made of some sort of textured, tiled material. There are two sets of the original exterior windows that the previous owners covered with shutters and trim.


It definitely has a lot of character, and I love it. But it definitely needs some work.


The previous owners lived here less than a year. The owners before that were the original owners. It seems that the estate painted the entire house yellow to sell. Before we officially moved in, we painted (almost) all the house white. It made everything so much brighter! We used the SHERWIN WILLIAMS HIGH HIDE WHITE that MANDI recommended. It’s not an off-white, or a cream. It is white.

The photo on the left is from when we viewed the house, while the previous owners still lived here


Currently, my furniture choices are pretty… horrendous. I’ve got an $89 particle board desk and a beat up five foot card table. The wooden chair was found on the side of the road. I have a pretty nice office chair that my back forced me to buy two car wrecks ago. Otherwise, definitely far from pin-worthy. Not to mention difficult to work with.

Since I am a jack of all trades and a master of none (which is said to be better than a master of one, but I see that to be debatable), this studio has to be the definition of multi-functional.


As you can see, there is a great need for a trip to Ikea. Unfortunately, Ikea has not graced Raleigh with its presence yet, which is an absolute disgrace. Fortunately, Charlotte houses some COOL PEOPLE. So, Ikea, you’re forgiven. For now.


I picked the Malm desks after a lot of waffling back and forth. I knew I wanted an L-shaped desk of some sort or another, but the fact that the side panel slide in and out won me over in the end. The panel can be placed on either side, so the two against the wall are really forming one giant workspace. With the drawer unit between them to house some supplies, and a super comfy wheel-y chair to roll between the desks in, I’m pretty sure I’ll be set.

It seems that the brass desk lamp trend fell out of fashion right as I was hoping to get two of them. If I can’t find any less expensive ones, I may have to DIY that. Oh, the humanity. Or maybe I’ll do gold. Or copper? DIY means never having to settle for a color you don’t want.

The gateleg table is for extra working space when needed, or a little spot beside the chair and a half. That chair looks to be pretty large. I definitely like the idea of washable fabrics, and the wide arms seem nice for reading.

Furniture sources


Above/between the two Malm desks (which is between the two sets of shutters covering the original exterior windows), I want to have a large group of art.

Very large.


I mocked this up so I could get a feel for which ones would look good together. There is no guarantee that this is how the wall will turn out, or that it’s even remotely to scale, but it’s a good starting point. I like the colors together, I think it pulls the whole thing together quite nicely. Blues, greens and yellows, black and white, metallic. Yes, please. I especially sought out work from artists that I have followed for years and years. I’m so glad to finally buy some of their work and support them (and have their gorgeous stuff on my wall!).

Art sources


Seeing all of this together makes me so happy. I thought I was the kind of person that would need a studio with blank walls, but, after having been in a mostly empty room for a few months, I need some color. I need some art.

I can’t wait to show you what happens next.

What’s in your work area? Do you like to have inspirational pieces around you, or do you need a clean slate to think? (And do you know where I can find some pretty, inexpensive metallic desk lamps? Help a girl out!)