Marketing Your Art


I'm sure I don't have to tell you about how social media can help your business. There are all kinds of posts with fantastic advice about how to up your social media game. But if you spend hours posting and cross-posting your art or your blog posts, when will you ever have time to, y'know, make more things?

Enter If This Then That, stage left.

IFTTT runs off of recipes. The recipes are a connection between different apps or products, or channels. Two channels - a trigger and an action - are connected into a recipe. If this happens, then that happens. 

These recipes can be used in all sorts of beautiful ways to help make life easier (If it's Wednesday night at 6pm, then send me a text reminding me to take out the trash! or If my phone GPS shows I'm at work, turn my phone on silent!). They are especially useful when it comes to marketing. 


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then that could easily make up for the 140 character limit imposed by Twitter. Using the Instagram app to share your photo to Twitter essentially tweets the caption with a link to the original Instagram photo. Now, though, you can tweet the photo as a native Twitter image. 

If i post a photo on instagram, THEN tweet that photo.


Pick and choose based on your own hashtags which photos are automatically uploaded to your Facebook Business Page in the album of your choice - and which ones are only shared on Instagram. Perfect for those with multiple product lines or a hodge-podge of hobbies.

If I use a specific hashtag on instagram, then post that photo on fb in the relevant album.


Ever publish a blog post and realize two days later that you forgot to actually share it? Make sure your blog posts are automatically shared to your Facebook business page. Includes a featured image, if the original blog post contains one.

If a specific RSS feed publishes a new post, then share the link on my Facebook business page.


If you have one specific board where you share your blog posts (whether that's the same board where you pin other things or not), this is the perfect recipe for you. 

If a specific RSS feed publishes a new post, then pin it to a certain board.


Keep a Twitter list of people that tweet to your favorite chats throughout the week! A great way to make sure you don't miss anything important, even between chat times.

If anyone tweets with a certain hashtag, then add them to my twitter list.


For those of us that are not Type A business guru's, this is the recipe you need. If you sell something via Stripe (Squarespace users, this one is especially for you!) this recipe will automatically add a new row with specified information from the sale to a spreadsheet. Also available for refunds!

If new payment is received in Stripe, then a new row is added to a google drive spreadsheet.

if a new refund is processed in Stripe, then a new row is added to a google drive spreadsheet.


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