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How to Make Your Own Watermark in Less Than Ten Minutes

Here in the interwebs, there is a long standing argument about whether or not to watermark images - is it worth it in the long run?

99% of the time, I would say no. If people are going to steal your images and claim them as their own, if they're determined, they will get around watermarks. Unless you pop that sucker all the way across the image in every direction, it's possible. But if you cover 99% of the image in watermark... no one else is interested anymore, either.

However. There is a lovely little social media platform that has a bad habit of separating images from original posts. Sometimes images get pinned leading to the wrong page, or a Google search, or sometimes just the image url. In that case, having a watermark is grand and I love you for it because it means that I can figure out where that image came from so much easier (and find the recipe for those tasty tasty cookies). So yes, I watermark my images just a smidge so people know where to look for the original content.

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