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Marketing Your Art

I'm sure I don't have to tell you about how social media can help your business. There are all kinds of post with FANTASTIC ADVICE about how to up your SOCIAL MEDIA GAME. But if you spend hours posting and cross-posting your art or your blog posts, when will you ever have time to, y'know, make more things?

Enter IF THIS THEN THAT, stage left.

IFTTT runs off of recipes. The recipes are a connection between different apps or products, or channels. Two channels - a trigger and an action - are connected into a recipe. If this happens, then that happens. 

These recipes can be used in all sorts of beautiful ways to help make life easier (If it's Wednesday night at 6pm, then send me a text reminding me to take out the trash!) They are especially useful when it comes to marketing. 

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Fabric Stamping

Every once in a while - when the planets align - DIY projects have been known to, on occasion, turn out even better than could've been hoped for.

This was actually one of those times.

Once the fabric was dyed (and then re-dyed a smidge darker), I carved up a few different triangle stamps.

Even though they're all about the same size, I decided to do three different triangles to add a little variety. Spice of life, et cetera.

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The Basics of Block Printing

Block printing has been around for centuries. Woodblock printing dates back to the second century, one of the oldest forms of printing. Linoleum block printing (also called linocuts) emerged in the early 1900s.

It's an art form that ranges from laughably simple (see below!) to EXCEPTIONALLY COMPLEX, all depending on the artist.

Whether you want to carve simple shapes for a pattern or you plan to learn PICASSO'S REDUCTION METHOD OF PRINTING, linocuts are a great introduction to the world of printmaking.

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The Basics of Fabric Dyeing

I worked in an independently owned art supply shop on and off for over five years. Between the sales representatives, demonstrations, online videos and trade shows, I've managed to learn a bit about most things art-related. (Though, some I just sideeye from afar. I'm talking about you, metals section.)

In all of my time there, the section that got the least love was probably the textiles section. The dyes and chemicals sat, collecting dust, as people walked by, not even sparing a glance. At the time, I understood why. All those ratios! How would I know what to do? Wouldn't I need lots of supplies? It all just seemed so complicated.

Gather round, friends. Yes, even those of you protesting, "But I can't even draw a stick figure!". Guess what - no drawing involved. 

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Watercolor Postcards + Downloadable Backgrounds

Everything is digital these days. We have so many people that we talk to, that we are constantly in contact with, and everything is digital.

I'm generally not one to complain about technology - I love the internet! Please keep Tweeting your #gpoy and Instagrammin' your brunches - but there is something to be said about getting mail. Real, actual mail. Something other than bills and ads for skeevy car dealerships. It makes me want to wag my tail.

Send your friend a postcard! Brighten their day with the organic imperfection of watercolors and your perfectly imperfect handwriting. They'll love it, pinky swear.

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The Art of Selling Art at the Farmer's Market

Ten years ago, Etsy was founded - and the world of handmade was never quite the same. Selling online was completely revolutionized. The introduction of social media and user-friendly content management systems like Squarespace have made an online presence practically a necessity for artists in order to keep up.

However, let's not forget the humble Farmer's Market. A place for brightly colored stickers, haggling, and a pound of delicious blackberries, the Farmer's Market is also a fantastic place for artisans to explore a market that can be entirely different than what they would find online.

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The House: Plans for the Studio

A few days ago, I introduced you to what is (no surprise) probably my favorite space IN THE HOUSE: my studio.

The studio is an obvious add-on, or possibly an enclosed porch of some sort. It’s very large, as big as our entire living room. The floors are painted concrete, the walls are wood panel. There are two built-in bookshelves, eight doors to a long built-in cabinet, and a window seat. Four windows, an exterior door to the garden, and a door-less entryway to the living room. From the living room, there is a step-down to a platform and a step down to the rest of the studio. There is one single, sad light in the center of the ceiling… which is made of some sort of textured, tiled material. There are two sets of the original exterior windows that the previous owners covered with shutters and trim.

It definitely has a lot of character, and I love it. But it definitely needs some work.

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