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Fabric Stamping

Every once in a while - when the planets align - DIY projects have been known to, on occasion, turn out even better than could've been hoped for.

This was actually one of those times.

Once the fabric was dyed (and then re-dyed a smidge darker), I carved up a few different triangle stamps.

Even though they're all about the same size, I decided to do three different triangles to add a little variety. Spice of life, et cetera.

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The Basics of Fabric Dyeing

I worked in an independently owned art supply shop on and off for over five years. Between the sales representatives, demonstrations, online videos and trade shows, I've managed to learn a bit about most things art-related. (Though, some I just sideeye from afar. I'm talking about you, metals section.)

In all of my time there, the section that got the least love was probably the textiles section. The dyes and chemicals sat, collecting dust, as people walked by, not even sparing a glance. At the time, I understood why. All those ratios! How would I know what to do? Wouldn't I need lots of supplies? It all just seemed so complicated.

Gather round, friends. Yes, even those of you protesting, "But I can't even draw a stick figure!". Guess what - no drawing involved. 

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