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The House: Plans for the Studio

A few days ago, I introduced you to what is (no surprise) probably my favorite space IN THE HOUSE: my studio.

The studio is an obvious add-on, or possibly an enclosed porch of some sort. It’s very large, as big as our entire living room. The floors are painted concrete, the walls are wood panel. There are two built-in bookshelves, eight doors to a long built-in cabinet, and a window seat. Four windows, an exterior door to the garden, and a door-less entryway to the living room. From the living room, there is a step-down to a platform and a step down to the rest of the studio. There is one single, sad light in the center of the ceiling… which is made of some sort of textured, tiled material. There are two sets of the original exterior windows that the previous owners covered with shutters and trim.

It definitely has a lot of character, and I love it. But it definitely needs some work.

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