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Marketing Your Art

I'm sure I don't have to tell you about how social media can help your business. There are all kinds of post with FANTASTIC ADVICE about how to up your SOCIAL MEDIA GAME. But if you spend hours posting and cross-posting your art or your blog posts, when will you ever have time to, y'know, make more things?

Enter IF THIS THEN THAT, stage left.

IFTTT runs off of recipes. The recipes are a connection between different apps or products, or channels. Two channels - a trigger and an action - are connected into a recipe. If this happens, then that happens. 

These recipes can be used in all sorts of beautiful ways to help make life easier (If it's Wednesday night at 6pm, then send me a text reminding me to take out the trash!) They are especially useful when it comes to marketing. 

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The Basics of Fabric Dyeing

I worked in an independently owned art supply shop on and off for over five years. Between the sales representatives, demonstrations, online videos and trade shows, I've managed to learn a bit about most things art-related. (Though, some I just sideeye from afar. I'm talking about you, metals section.)

In all of my time there, the section that got the least love was probably the textiles section. The dyes and chemicals sat, collecting dust, as people walked by, not even sparing a glance. At the time, I understood why. All those ratios! How would I know what to do? Wouldn't I need lots of supplies? It all just seemed so complicated.

Gather round, friends. Yes, even those of you protesting, "But I can't even draw a stick figure!". Guess what - no drawing involved. 

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The Art of Selling Art at the Farmer's Market

Ten years ago, Etsy was founded - and the world of handmade was never quite the same. Selling online was completely revolutionized. The introduction of social media and user-friendly content management systems like Squarespace have made an online presence practically a necessity for artists in order to keep up.

However, let's not forget the humble Farmer's Market. A place for brightly colored stickers, haggling, and a pound of delicious blackberries, the Farmer's Market is also a fantastic place for artisans to explore a market that can be entirely different than what they would find online.

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Moving On From the Cubicle

Are you a laid-off creative? Land on your feet!

Welcome to the new year! It’s 2015 and if you’re like me, your job has kicked you out. You might not view this as a wonderful, blessed, opportunity but trust that it is. The world has given you a combination of circumstances to start a new year, a new career and a new journey in life on your terms. Did you even like your cubicle? Did you enjoy getting spec sheets so well laid out you wondered why in the heck they even call it creative? Well, now all that nonsense is in the past. Welcome to your new life!

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It's Just Fifteen Minutes

Here’s a confession: I work as an artist, yet sometimes I don’t feel artistically satisfied.

Don’t get me wrong: I adore my job. As a portrait photographer, I get to document growing families, capture the stars in an engaged couples’ eyes, make cute kids giggle (sometimes they just scream, but let’s focus on the positive here, shall we?), and preserve the memories of pregnant mommas’ nervous excitement. I work with my clients individually, getting to know them as much as possible so that their portraits really reflect their personalities. I help them plan out their wardrobes, think of neat props, and talk to them about the small details that can mean the difference between just a snapshot and a gorgeous photo. I’m constantly scouting out new locations, eager to be able to connect my clients to a place that perfectly fits them and possibly means something to them. During the shoot, I try to subtly emphasize that connection between the people and the location they chose. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle sometimes and I find the challenge fascinating.

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5 Freelance Problems + How to Fix Them

Choices can overwhelm a client who’s new to graphic design. To guide them in the right direction, showcase some specific examples – preferably your own work. Arrange five to 10 contrasting options in different categories like typeface, shape and color. Your client may not be able to articulate the image they want, but looking at ideas will at least help them decide what they aren’t looking for. That’s a step in the right direction.

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3 Steps to a Successful Transition After College

Life after college whether you’re a graduate or a dropout can be exciting and scary.  I decided to cut my college career short in order to run my business full-time.  This was something I had considered for over a year, and in November of 2013 I finally committed to the decision. At the time I had dropped out, I had my solid list of clients and projects that would keep me afloat on my small amount of bills. When you go from a structured Monday through Friday schedule to doing what you want, it’s easy to get comfortable.

During the first few months, I spent a lot of my time on social media, watching Netflix, and going out. I finally felt free.  And while that was fun for a short while, I realized that I wasn’t really going anywhere.  There wasn’t as much progression as there should have been.  If I was going to sacrifice a successful college career, I needed to make sure I was going to be a successful business owner.

Within the past year I’ve gotten more valuable clients, more work and I’m earning way more money.  I finally had to do these 3 things to make my transition from college student to college dropout more successful.

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