patron goddess of craftsmen and artisans.

Athena - who spring from the head of Zeus, fully grown and dressed for battle - was the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom, handicraft, strategic war, and good counsel. As Athena Ergane, she was the patron goddess of craftsmen and artisans. Athena was believed to have invented nearly every type of work in which women were employed, and was, herself, skilled at such crafts.

It seemed fitting that the original collection be named not only for the patroness of artisans but also for the goddess of good counsel, as it is the support and encouragement of others that coaxed this collection (and those that follow) from the artist's hands.


Some people think that minimal design is dull and lacks character, but you know better. You know the simple lines are purposeful, meticulously placed. The things in your home make your heart happy, and you purge anything that doesn't. You believe having one delightfully handmade mug is worth a dozen mass-produced mugs. Whether you buy your handcrafted dinnerware set all at once, or collect it over time, you curate pieces that you feel truly belong in your home - nothing more, nothing less.