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Erika Gibson is a studio artist with a focus on functional pottery and a background in graphic design. Based out of her home studio in North Carolina, Erika makes ceramics that are both practical and beautiful, with an emphasis on the minimalist aesthetic and limited color scheme that make her work so recognizable.

Erika Gibson is a designer and ceramicist from Eastern North Carolina. She is usually working elbow-deep in clay or squinting at her computer monitor; otherwise, she can be found gardening, baking, or experimenting with new mediums in her studio.

Erika is a largely self-taught, versatile and eclectic designer. She built her first simple websites by age ten, and had a multipage site under her belt by the end of middle school. Her interest in ceramics dates from summer camp experiences in her single-digit years, and she rediscovered the medium as an adult. Erika's first experience with entrepreneurship was a screen-printed t-shirt business she started her senior year of high school. She then went on to study fine art at East Carolina School of Art & Design.

When asked why she transitioned from designing primarily digital work to fashioning ceramic pieces, Erika says, “Holding a three-dimensional object that you have designed and crafted is a genuinely tactile experience. When you complete a website, someone uses it virtually, and it is functional. But it doesn't have that satisfying impact that drinking a cup of coffee from a mug that you have made will.” She adds, however, that the knowledge acquired throughout her design career is indispensable in the creation of new products. Color theory and the principles of design are applicable to every facet and medium of art, she explains.

Erika Gibson’s primary aim is to empower and encourage others to create. There are prevalent misconceptions, like that an artist must have a degree and be able to draw a straight line without a ruler. The professed perfection of others can be intimidating; but the process of creation can be approachable, accessible and centered on the sheer joy of making something unique and authentic.



Potter + Maker

East Carolina University
Fine Arts

Pitt Community College
Ceramics & Gallery Technical Assistant
Fall 2015

Pitt County Arts Council
Camp Counselor
Summer 2015

Uptown Art Supply & Gallery
Asst. Manager + Marketing Director
2010-2012, 2014-2015



I meet creative, brilliant people all of the time who shy away from making because they didn't go to art school. Because they can't draw a straight line without a ruler. (Spoiler: Most people can't.)

There seems to be this notion that only people with a formal education can say or do or make things that are worth our time. Creativity isn't magically bestowed with the diploma as you walk across the stage, it's learned as you make and fail and make again. Creativity isn't a trait that you either have or don't, it's a muscle. It needs to be stretched, pushed, and challenged.

Creativity is in all of us, in different ways, and embracing that is one of the most satisfying things you can do.

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