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glaze colors

pebble gray
speckled white
seafoam blue
speckled jade
seasonal + misc colors



frequently asked questions

order deadlines
seasonal deadlines
black friday + holidays
Orders placed between Jul 1 - Sep 6 will be shipped/delivered by Nov 8
Orders placed between Mar 31 - Jun 30 will be shipped/delivered by Sep 15
Orders placed between Jan 31 - Mar 30 will be shipped/delivered by May 15
spring, mother's + father's day
Orders placed between Jan 6 - Jan 30 will be shipped/delivered by Mar 15
winter, valentine's day
Orders placed between Sep 16 - Nov 15 will be shipped/delivered by Jan 15
wholesale faq
do you offer wholesale rates?

Yes! Wholesale prices are available for brick-and-mortar and online shops within the contiguous United States.

do you sell your pieces on a consignment basis?

As a general rule, no. But I might consider it, depending on the circumstances. Feel free to contact me.

what is the minimum for opening orders?

$500, paid in full.

what is the minimum for reorders?

$250. Please note that the opening order minimum applies if an order has not been placed within the last nine months.

do you offer net-d terms?

Returning accounts in good standing may have other payment terms and options available to them, including but not limited to 2% 10, net 30, or 50% deposit 50% upon completion.)

what is your lead time?

Wholesale orders ship within eight to ten weeks of the invoice payment date. Order time may extend up to twelve weeks at peak holiday season. Generally orders are shipped once complete, even though some items may be available sooner. If you prefer a split shipment, additional freight charges will apply.

do you accept orders for custom pieces?

Products not listed on my website require a minimum of twenty-five pieces to order, and such orders are accepted solely at the discretion of Erika Gibson. Custom pieces will require ten to twelve weeks of lead time.

do you have other colors available?

Any glazes not listed on my website require a minimum of fifty pieces to order, and such orders are accepted solely at the discretion of Erika Gibson. Custom glaze orders will include an additional $1.25 per piece and will require twelve to sixteen weeks of lead time. This cost includes two sample tiles and the shipping of the two tiles; any additional costs will be invoiced to the customer.

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product faq
are your pieces dishwasher safe?

All pieces are top-rack dishwasher-safe, though it is always recommended to hand wash any handmade ceramics.

are your pieces microwave safe?

All pieces are microwave safe unless otherwise indicated on the bottom of the piece. (Primarily this will be any piece with metallic luster.)

are your pieces oven safe?

Yes, if placed in a cold oven and warmed with it. Any drastic temperature changes can compromise the integrity of the piece.

do you accept returns?

I do not offer refunds, but I may offer exchanges or returns for store credit. This is decided on a case to case basis. If you have any concerns with your order, please contact me within three days of receiving the order.

how can I keep up with new product releases?

Sign up for the newsletter! (I pinky swear not to spam you or sell your email address.)

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IMAP Policy
Effective July 1, 2017, Erika Gibson has adapted this IMAP Policy applicable to all customers in respect to the customers' advertising of Erika Gibson products on the customers' website, social media, or otherwise over the internet. Erika Gibson customers remain free to establish their own resale prices; however, a customer may not advertise or otherwise promote Erika Gibson products over the Internet at a net price that is less than the Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP) established by Erika Gibson. Suggested Retail price is (Wholesale Price) x 2; IMAP is (Wholesale Price) x 1.75. For example, a piece that is purchased at wholesale for $18 is suggested to be sold for $36, and cannot be advertised on the Internet for lower than $31.50. If a customer violates this IMAP policy, Erika Gibson will request the customer to cease advertising or promoting products violation of its IMAP policy. At Erika Gibson's discretion, Erika Gibson may cease to accept orders from said customer. All matters of interpretation and application of this policy shall remain solely and unilaterally under the authority of Erika Gibson. No one is, has been, or will be authorized to modify or alter this policy, nor to bind Erika Gibson to any action inconsistent with its terms.